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Complete imaging solution for businesses

Studio Aguena proposes to build the image of companies that care about their online positioning.

Focusing on websites with their own audiovisual productions, we want you to have more authority in the online environment.


Kw media is the agency that works together with Studio Aguena. She brings social media solutions, project management and helps companies to sell more on digital.

We are proud to have such strong and dedicated partners to add to our production creations.

a little of the trajectory

From the beginning...

Hello, welcome to Studio Aguena, my name is Felipe and I’m going to tell you a little about how it all started.

I have a degree in Foreign Trade and I worked in the area for 8 years, reaching the position of import and export manager, but I have always had a passion for art since I was a child that always spoke loudly in my head. After a long time thinking, I decided to set up my own studio, and what was just a hobby that I loved, became my biggest personal investment.

It all started while I was working at an international logistics company. I tried to balance between jobs, but I always wanted to have my hours, my money, my vacation, that is, my life and my independence (and that’s what I think you’re also looking for here! ).

When I migrated from another area, I had great challenges in structuring everything from the beginning in a professional way, being a single person, it is this path that I walked that I want to shorten for you.

For a while I worked with several professionals who added a lot to my knowledge, some of them were Plinio Yukiyoshi, Atila Boueri, Sr. Antonio Carlos and many others who were present in my professional growth. To all these beings of light, my most sincere gratitude and respect.

Customer Reviews

what do they say about us?

Ed Alves Decor
Ed Alves Decor
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It's been 2 years since I've had Studio Aguena accompanying me from the creation of my brand to all the art I post to date. Thank you very much for your attention!
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Mini's best acquisition was hiring Studio Aguena to create our audiovisual productions.
Aline Quedas
Aline Quedas
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Everything was wonderful, the brand, the images, the website and all the material produced helped me a lot in the company's image, many thanks to Felipe for the service and for the wonderful work!
Personal Zead
Personal Zead
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All I needed was to organize my website and they delivered so much more!

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