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Creating content goes far beyond making good videos and arts, it needs a strategy and constantly updated. Our social media packages are what you need to engage on social media.



Quick Content

videos for social networks

The world of social media has changed the way we consume new content. The news arrives all the time and the videos started to be faster and more objective, dry cuts, short information and long videos were being used for specific purposes.

For this young audience team on social networks, we bring quick and objective solutions for you and your business, see some work done for the mobile first format of instagram reels, tik tok and youtube shorts.

promotional stories

And have you noticed that your Instagram profile is not being able to sell the amount of potential you have?

Often the lack of content consistency can be the biggest problem and we can help you with that part.

We work with the creation of focused content for professional profiles that seek to sell more.

Our packages consist of constant creation of content for social networks so that you always have something to post, get in touch to find out more about how to help you in this stage of expanding your business.

some of the advantages

Customized Packages

How big is your project?

We rely on the size of your project to create a custom package for you.

Content developed on demand

Prioritize specific delivery

During content production, we know that there are some pieces of information that are more relevant than others. This content production can be delivered according to the needs of each project.

We will follow the schedule of the company’s marketing sector, our communication channels will always be open to clarify any doubts about your project.

optimized programming

Set aside a day to generate content

The day-to-day life of each company is very hectic and we know that optimizing the recording day is very important in order not to overload any sector.

With that in mind, we do the entire briefing schedule before arriving at the location and with that we gain time to organize the content preparation.

Nuggets content

Larger video cut content

The famous “cuts” of videos. A well-produced video with a longer duration can generate a considerable amount of nuggets, depending on the relevance of the content produced.

We analyze the complete content and create videos for other faster formats.

Programmed video pack

Time is increasingly scarce, and we know that content production is something complex that needs special attention.

Thinking about making your life easier and helping you with the essential tasks of a business focused on social networks, we developed video packages for the entire month in a single day, increasing your company’s presence on the internet.

See some examples of a daily rate developed for KW Media, a partner company of Studio Aguena in Digital Marketing.

Creation step by step



First of all, we need to understand what you want and need for your project, such as expectations, analysis of inspirations, what type of application, among other aspects of creation to more easily get what you want.



Once we collect all the project information and the contract is signed, we start to produce the project within the characteristics contained in the briefing and interpreted by us.



The time has come to present, we usually schedule an online meeting to present the developed project explaining the usefulness of each important point in the project and here in this meeting we already check the possibility of changes if necessary.


Completion and Delivery

The project has been completed and approved, now we are going to export it so you can use it in the best possible way. Once the invoice is paid, all files will be delivered via a Google Drive link with relevant project information, such as passwords, links, videos, images, etc.

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We are always ready to serve new business.

Our activities are recognized by countless businessmen from different areas, and you can rest assured that everything will be covered by a contract digitally signed by the D4Sign platform, which has national coverage and integrates with the Federal Government system.

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